02/11/2006 – THRUSH HUNTING
Pier Lugi Chierici – Olimpia Publishers
Page 144 – Various color photographs

Among the various types of hunting, thrush hunting is the one that most obliges those who practice it to compare the technical aspect with their knowledge of the environment, the management of the species and their direct experience on the field. A necessarily complex view, that cannot overlook the observation and collection of data on migration, the precise knowledge of the various hunting techniques used to trap this wildlife, the tiring daily dedication to thrushes raised in aviaries, even when the hunting season is closed. An absorbing activity, therefore, which is capable of providing gratifying satisfaction. The volume is rich in color photographs and has been divided into the following chapters: Robins, redwings and other thrushes - Migration - Wandering hunting - Waiting Hunting - Ambush hunting - Call hunting - The breeding of thrushes - Diseases - The hunting activities no longer practices. The bibliographical work represents a complete panorama on thrushes : robins and redwings and the other thrushes of hunting interest in Italy. The text concentrates on this particular hunting activity and has a most constructive dialogue, that places traditional values along side the ecological and ethological conscience and hunting techniques. The author who is already known in the hunting environment is the Editor of the bimonthly magazine «Migration and Hunting», has collaborated since 1963 with «Diana». He has also published The Bird Exhibitions (in collaboration with Carlo Cavina) and Thrush Hunting (first edition 1996) with Olimpia Publishers. He was a founder partner of the National Hunting Feast and Fair Association. He lives in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna). An excellent volume with modern features which is simple to read and easy to understand. Those interested in this publication should contact Olimpia Publishers, Via E.Fermi 24, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), or visit the website




The future of Hunting in Italy is in the hands of certain people who have been working for some months to artfully create such dangers or, even worse, to spread panic where it does not even exist yet. Our reference refers to the relationship between the NATURE 2000 sites and hunting activity. First of all, an explanation should be given: at present in our country only ZPS exist, or rather have been founded; we are still a long way off from SIC, as they only exist on paper in the form of pSIC, that means “proposed SIC” and the ZSC – Special Preservation Zones definitely do not exist. Who therefore deals with these sites putting them all on the same level, already makes a mistake which is not to be underestimated. Secondly, it is necessary to discredit the juridical connection of the notorious regulation passed by the National Committee on 2/12/1996 for the protected natural areas: the definition clearly states that it has no juridical significance, and can not be considered to be a “decree” as it has been improperly referred to over recent years. And the fact that, at that time, it was published in the Republic Official Gazette, did not transform it into a State decree or a law: this therefore means that the comparison presented by the Nature 2000 sites with the protected natural areas pursuant to Law n. 394/91, is confirmation of an aspiration – that of the now dissolved aforementioned Committee – that has no juridical basis. No such basis was conferred to it either in any subsequent Acts by competent Ministry, that is the Ministry of the Environment, that obviously does not have the right to attribute juridical significance to provisions that are lacking both in form and substance. Thirdly, it is absolutely ridiculous to appeal – as some environmental associations are doing with circular letters on the internet – for “reparative” intervention by the Government in cases where Regions and autonomous Provinces should approve less restrictive hunting protection or preservation measures for the Nature 2000 sites than those foreseen by Law 394. This would mean, in all cases where there is no total prohibition of hunting activity in the ZPS and pSIC not included in the protected natural areas, the State should cancel such regional measures and restore the more restrictive regulations. The Regions and the autonomous Provinces have already applied, or are currently applying, what provided by P.D. n. 357, that appointed them to deliberate on the matter without however relating it to any particular laws, and definitely not to Law 394. The final straw: the hunting ban as correspondence to the presumed conditions provided by Directive n. 79/409 and 92/43: presumed, since neither of the two expressly quotes hunting as an activity to be banned – as no other directive does – and the ban remains therefore an objective which is typical of our environmentalists. Why do some people work so hard therefore to create a befuddled situation, and impose the responsibility of this (false) problem on Authorities and Vigilance Associations? To be honest their vision on hunting activities is always extremely inflexible and is still today extremely backward, despite the fact that 30 years have passed since the anti-hunting battles were their sole reason for living. And, furthermore, because they too have members they must keep in order not to lose their income from subscriptions: members who have often been “exalted” and attracted to the association due to the fact that they have made their battle against hunting one of the most important features of their activities; something which therefore, they cannot “betray”. But this has little to do with the preservation of nature.




During the sixth Forum our Delegation Head had the opportunity to participate in interesting meetings with the Chairman of VAS – Green Environment and the Society Dr. Guido Pollice, for a coming propositional meeting in Milan, away from the acclaimed barricades; with Silvio Barbero (S.G. Slow Food Italy) for the participation at the V Edition of Hunting in the Kitchen (5-12/02/2007); with Dr. Stefano Masini (Coldiretti – Environment and Territory Regional Director), promoter of attention for hunting within the agricultural world; Dr. Vincenzo Pilo, new General Manager for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture/MIPAF; Hon. Ermete Realacci, Chairman of the Environmental, Territory and Public Works Commission, Chamber Deputies; Minister Paolo De Castro, the Chairman of Coldiretti Paolo Bedoni and many others. Obviously, the environmental topic of hunting in relation to agriculture was the basic topic of various meetings which aim to find a “quality” collaboration and an exchange of mutual interests in the general politics of CIC.




This meeting was called by the Chairman of CNCN Dr. Piero Fiocchi, and saw the participation of Avv. Franco Timo–F.I.d.C., Gelsomino Cantelli–Caccia Libera, Avv. Giovanni Bana–ANUU Migrators, Dr. Piero Fiocchi–CNCN, Dr. Carlo Peroni–ANPAM, Avv. Innocenzo Gorlani, Maria Cristina Caretta–CONFAVI and Honorable. Sergio Berlato further to representatives from Enalcaccia, Guido Pirotta and Giuseppe Cavallaro, and the following decisions were taken as summarised below:

  1. contact with the General State Advocacy for an appeal to be presented to TAR in relation to the Matteoli Decree;
  2. contact with MIPAF in relation to meetings regarding problematic derogations;
  3. suitable response to the letter received from the environmentalist world on the penal importance of hunting in ZPS/SIC (urgently prepare a response letter with informative note to the regional organization and contacts to specify our position);
  4. bill/Senate (text analogous to L.D. 251/06) to perform careful monitoring of the possible procedures before the Senate Environmental Commission;
  5. maximum effort because the subject is of regional competence, and defensive regulations are already under way in the regions of Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio;
  6. to support “ad adiuvandum” intervention in front of the TAR in Umbria where the environmentalist world has appealed against the Decree on ZPS in the Region;

to formalize, once and for all, the constant presence of the Associations that intend to participate in the coordination of FACE Italy.



On Tuesday October 3rd 2006 an important demonstration was held in Turin which saw the participation of the hunters from the Piedmont region gather to protest against the false and presumptuous anti-hunting campaign promoted by environmentalists with the resolute, nauseating and theatrical slogan of “Let's save Bambi”. This obviously interested the television and the press and led to a campaign that has caused an absurd and anti-ecological decrease in hunting activities of hoofed animals. As already experimented in the autonomous province of Trento, they have tried to strike the type of hunting that CIC has always advocated as positive in the eyes of those who “want to see” and judge using documental and unquestionable information. Over 2,000 hunters democratically and noisily paraded through the main streets in Turin in front of the Regional Authorities Offices and were joined by a large number of representatives from faunal hunting associations and hunting tourist facilities who have been severely hit economically by the 15 day delay imposed for the opening of the hunting season. CIC also lined up with the Chairman of the “Grand Gibier” Commission Dr. Bruno Lauro Vigna and members of the national Exhibition and Trophy Commission. Further participants included the national Chairman of FIDC Avv. Franco Timo, the regional Chairman, Gian Franco Francisetti, the regional Chairman of E.P.S. Dr. Di Gregorio. ANUU Migrators was represented by the Deputy Chairman for the Lombard Region, Mr. Domenico Grandini. UNCZA was present with the National Director Bruno Campagnoli. The demonstration on Tuesday 3rd October was an important, democratic and civil march, that showed politicians that hunters are no longer willing to bow down to abuse of power and, despite the partial acceptance by TAR in Piedmont of the appeal presented by the environmentalists, achieved an important result where the regional Authorities consented hunting to commence the following Sunday 8th October, according to the originally approved hunting calendar.



29/09/2006: MEETING AT OMPO

Our Delegation Head had a most successful meeting at the OMPO headquarters in Paris during his recent business trip to the area. Topics included Avian Influenza, the recent meeting in Genoa on Woodcocks (where Yves Ferrand from ONCFS participated), the register for monitoring shootings, the problem of the opening and closing dates for the hunting season, the collection of data and a technical meeting with the representatives from Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy in the second half of January 2007 at the OMPO Headquarters. The Italian Hunting Associations belonging to CIC must show their maximum commitment.




The Executive Committee of CIC met in Budapest on September 22nd 2006 with the participation of the Deputy Chairman Prof. Carlo Alberto Pejrone. The financial situation of CIC was discussed in detail, which is currently achieving a certain equilibrium. A progress report was presented by the Chairman and General Manager, which emphasised how the presence of CIC is increasingly requested at all world wide meetings which approach hunting and protectionist topics. Activity reports were presented by CIC Commissions and Work Groups, which mainly addressed the activity of the Exhibition and Trophy commission regarding the correct evaluation of trophies. The assurance by the French Government that they will not impose obstacles, not even fiscal, regarding the final transfer to Budapest and Vienna of the administrative and legal offices of CIC, brings to a close an unpleasant dispute which was onerous from an economic point of view. The programme for the next General Meeting that will be held in Belgrade from May 2nd - 5th 2007 was also presented and finalised. The organization of the C.E in Milan from 4 to 5/02/2007 was also finalised during the opening of the V Week of Hunting in the Kitchen in Lombardy, at the headquarters of the prestigious Milan Club - The Garden Society (Via S. Paolo 10, 20121 Milan). To participate, please contact us at: Tel. 035/4130350).



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