Operative Office in Budapest
The defence of Nature:
first mission of CIC

CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation) was founded in Paris in 1930 by the Frenchman Maxime Ducrocq and a circle of famous hunters from 28 countries. With great insight and foresight, they were already aware that the future of their passion would depend more and more on a rational use of natural resources and above all on their conservation. This fundamental idea has remained unchanged: in fact, it has been developed and enriched by such new and up-to-date elements that the countries adhering to CIC are now 78, each with their own national Delegation: the whole of Europe, Canada, the United States, many African, South American and Asian States contribute towards the operations and programs of CIC International to defend wild species and protect natural environments.

CIC is operatively organised into specific Commissions both on an international level and in each country: Holarctic Big Game, Small Fauna, Migratory Birds, Tropical Fauna, Hunting with Dogs, Falconry, Information and Ethics, Cynegetics in Art, Exhibitions and Trophies, Photographic Hunting and Game Gastronomy.

The organs of CIC are the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, the latter of which is composed of the President, Vice President, General Director, General Secretary, Directors, Heads of the National delegations and Presidents of the Commissions.

The administrative office is based in Budapest.

The Italian Delegation Head is located in
Via S. Antonio, 11, Milan
fax 0039/02/58305005;

and the Italian Delegation Secretariat is in
Via Sebastiano del Piombo, 19 - Milan
ph./fax 0039/02/48519214
e-mail: cicitalia@libero.it

Furthermore, CIC sits as an observer in UN as well as IUCN (National Union for Nature Conservation) and is a member of NGO (Non-Governmental Organisations).